Self Storage in Valencia

Self Storage is a concept coined in North America but recently in Spain, is renting storage that enables you to solve your space problems to preserve your personal belongins or office equipment.

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Space solutions

Kubico Self Storage offers storage service to store whether objects or personal belongings, leisure stuff… as tools for professional use. You can choose a wide variety of storage unit sizes.

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Self Storage FAQ’s

If you are in doubt about how to use our services, here you have available the frequently asked questions section.

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Storage tips

Next, we tell you some helpful tips to use and hire the services we offer you.

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Many types of companies use our services to store safely a variety of documents including: financial documents, medical records, licenses, patents, drawings, writings, copyright documents, labor contracts, business books, labor contract closing documents, backup tapes and film negatives.

Some tips..

  • “Store the items you'll need most often at the front of the unit.”

    Kubico Self Storage
  • “When you pack your storage unit, create a center aisle for access to all items.”

    Kubico Self Storage
  • “Mattresses should be covered and stored flat in level surfaces.”

    Kubico Self Storage